In early 2018, under the creative direction of 5x Emmy Award-Winner, Producer, Sound-Designer & Composer Dan Brown Jr, 35 composers (now well over 100), from around the world banded together with one goal in mind…“Take over the sound of crime television, films and games world-wide!”

Enter CrimeSonics!

How are we doing it? By supplying the globe with “exquisitely criminal production music.” That’s how!

With over 100 volumes of criminal and investigatory music, sfx, foley and police chatter, written and created by whom we believe are the best composers in the genre, CrimeSonics swiftly redefined what “Crime TV” could sound like.

So why choose CrimeSonics? Simply, the vast majority of production music libraries attempt to be one-stop-shops of every genre. That’s a mighty goal and few have truly achieved it. Transparently, what you usually end up with is, is a huge collection of mediocre music that leaves you yearning for something better, something exquisite... CrimeSonics on the other hand ONLY focuses on all things CRIME! It’s what we love, it’s what we’re passionate about and since it’s the ONLY genre we focus on, it’s why we are the absolutely best on earth… You could call us, the criminal masterminds!

So what is “Crime Music” anyway? Like criminals, the sound of crime comes in many forms. From General Tension, to Southern Justice, CyberCrime, Detectives, Forensics, Investigative, Mystery, Eerie Vibes and the list goes on and on… CrimeSonics truly does it all and if for some reason you can’t find the sub-genre of crime music your looking for, let us know! Our composers are always creating and can write so fast, they’ll likely get a speeding ticket!

If you are looking for the best of the best, you’ve just found it! CRIMESONICS!


Dan Brown Jr

11x Emmy Award-Winner | Creative Director & Composer

Beth Brown

2x Emmy Awarding-Winning Producer | Metadata