Masters of Sound Design

Did you know networks like NBC, ABC, Netflix, BET, Discovery, MTV, companies like Universal Pictures and Google, apps like TikTok and brands like Twizzlers have used the sound design of CrimeSonics? That's right! The biggest names in the world know it would be a crime to use anyone else! Well... In our opinion.


And that's just a tiny fraction of our clients! There is nothing quite like having custom sound design or custom music for your projects.

With the experience of literally 100,000's of samples recorded, if you can imagine it, we can manifest it!


The CrimeSonics studio has 100's of instruments from all over the world, sought after mics, coveted pre-amps, wonderful A/D converters, interesting electronics and tools, and many other strange and unusual oddities ready to sample just for you!

At CrimeSonics, we can truly design the crimey sounds of your dreams!

Whether you're an editor in search of the perfect music, a showrunner or producer looking to create a signature sound for your show or simply need custom sound design and sound effects, you’ve come to the right place!


Need LIVE GUN FIRE SFX? We got you! Our Creative Director Dan Brown Jr has trained with nearly all calibers of Hand Guns, Assault Rifles, Shotguns and a few other fun weapons.

Dan Brown Jr AR-15 GunFire, Assault Rifles

Dan Brown Jr, Shotgun, Professional Firearms expert, CrimeSonics
Drop us a line at: licensing@crimesonics.com

Let’s create criminal perfection just for you!