Emmaline Sanders

Emmaline Sanders is a classically trained, Seattle-based composer, songwriter, and musician specializing in orchestral/cinematic compositions and arrangements. 

She has worked with numerous businesses and organizations around the world including Especially for Youth, Boca Ballet Theatre, and Bit Toys. Emmaline won 'Best Music' for the short film "Emergence" at the One-Reeler film festival and has written music for first soloist and choreographer Christopher Sellars at Ballet West.

Having extensively studied music theory and ethnomusicology at Brigham Young University, Emmaline knows how to take a project to the next level through technical know how and cultural accuracy, particularly in historical, western, and ethnic pieces.

Not only is Emmaline classically trained, but she is educated in commercial music. She understands the intersection between music and business and takes pride in her ability to interpret the needs of a project and make her clients' vision a reality.

"As a lover of ambient music, I wanted this album to carry listeners into a somber headspace. The repeating strains of oboe are meant to evoke a sense of longing for resolution that, as with an unsolved mystery, may never come."