Thomas Andrew Gallegos

Thomas Andrew Gallegos has been working in the Film/Television industry since 2011. While still attending California State University, Northridge, he was blessed with the opportunity to assist composer Guy Moon, where he worked on such shows as Nickelodeon's Big Time Rush, Fairly Odd Parents,Tuff Puppy and other shows.

Upon graduating with a degree in Music for Commercial Media and Scoring Arts in 2012, Gallegos went on to work with another Composer, Claude Foisy who has worked with Marvista, Hallmark and SyFy, where he would provide assistant writing and arranging. Most Recently, he has contributed music to a globally distributed production music library called, CrimeSonics, where he works as a co-contributor under the mentor-ship of Composer, Dan Brown Jr.

"I was particularly challenged in a way that I had never been before for this album. Adding a cinematic touch to crime music was a different approach I had not yet tried. Every track I had to envision how this would work over a movie scene."